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Stairs formwork

Stairs is made anywhere in many different ways and on many different underlay like dirt, gravel, or in the air like in a stairwell.

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Staircase design

A stair has be made in a specific way to be comfortable to walk on. and best way to make a good stair is to have the Steps even same unit step size and same unit rise size. So when u start figure out how to make it even you take the total height from where the stair start to the top landing . and Divide it until u get a round number around 16- 18 Cm or 6-7 Inches because, that is the number humans fell as a comfortable to walk in.

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Stairwells are the type of stairs that requires most work, because u have to make the formwork for the underside, but in my mind it is the most fun stair to make.

Start with the base 2x4 its strong enough and always remember it’s better to use more material than less material, it may not brake but u want it to look straight and good and not just hold. 10 Inches it's a good distance between the 2x4. when the base is good you put on the wooden plates on the top. and don’t use screws then you will get a problem when u are gonna take it down after concrete the is cured.

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Because if the angels its smart to put them on først so you get them perfect and you can put in the middle plate after. it also important that i make the bottom of the form bigger than the stairs so u have something to make the siding on.

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Siding, and stairs

Sins this is a starwell it is concrete wall at one side and only needed to make one siding, when we make the forms that makes to stari we take a 2x6 or 2x8 depends on the high off your Unit height when we cut them with 45 degree angle to the same height at the unit height when u have that 45 degree angle its possible for u to get all the way into the corner off the Unit step finish the concrete. so you make all off them then you nail on this 2x4 behind and fasten the one side to the concrete wall and the other to the siding, make sure to nail it good as you need to be able to walk on them when pouring and finishing the concrete.

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This is a good and secure way to make siding for stairs and also other small formwork

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How to make Form for the unit step cut to high with the angle, then cut to the length you need for your stair.