Concrete Constructions

 concrete is used in all types of constructions, concrete is the first material to be built in all modern buildings. all houses have a foundation to stand on and that foundation is always concrete.

Above the foundation, concrete pillars and walls are often placed which can carry a wooden floor or concrete floor. on top of columns, concrete beams are often used when there are long spans between the columns.

Concrete stair is often used outside or in bigger buildings with many floors.

Concrete is used to support soil and stone masses and tunnel entrances, inside tunnels often used spray concrete on walls and ceilings to secure the tunnel so that stones do not fall into the road surface.


Prefabricated concrete

Prefabricated concrete elements are concrete constructions made at a factory. The elements are then transported by truck to the construction site and lifted in place by crane. all elements have their own id tag which can be found in the drawings. Concrete elements come in all shapes and sizes, stairs, walls, beams, floor elements and columns are made. Special items are made for tunnels, stands, culverts, underpasses and much more.